Security Engineer Technology

Examines the environment to be secured, and defines the attributes of that environment. Includes securing the environment, security technologies in the environment, security threats and security responses.

Security Engineer Toolkit Utilization

Designed to introduce technical tools and begin to use them in hands-on exercises in both onsite and online instruction. This will facilitate students to complete future assignments and develop projects in teams.

Security Engineer Ethical Issues

Examines information technology ethical issues including hardware reliability and network security. Ethics are introduced with a focus on professional ethics. Topics include intellectual property, plagiarism, privacy and work and wealth..

Wireless and Mobile Security

Concepts covered include a comprehensive wireless and mobile security overview including the design, planning, installation, and maintenance of wireless network security infrastructures.


This practicum focuses on the legal and regulatory requirements, ethical issues, basic methodology and technical tools used for ethical hacking and penetration tests.

Info Systems Vulnerability/Attacks/net Defense/Countermeasure

Students will apply principles of penetration testing to identify and exploit vulnerabilities in network facing information systems and make recommendations for mitigation.

Red Teaming

Red Teaming, or Alternative Analysis, is the practice of viewing a problem from an adversarial or competitor's perspective. The objective of Red Teams is to enhance decision making, practices of secured system protection applicable by establishing countermeasures of defense.

Red vs Blue Team

Students will analyze and perform Red vs. Blue Team objective-based cyber operations as an active approach to establish a defensive posture improvement. The basic idea of Red vs. Blue team countermeasures is simple war gaming.


Students will create an original project with practical applications using cybersecurity policy, regulatory, and testing frameworks.

Security Engineer Ethical Issues

Ethical issues revolving around ethical hacking. Policies and procedures for businesses to conduct them self in an ethical manner.

Intro To Ruby

Introduction into the Ruby framework.

Ruby Classes, Objects, and Sql

Excercises to teach you about classes, objects, and basic sql, so you can configure complex databases and apps.

Rails Routes, Layouts, and Html

Teaches you how to make rails basic websites and apps.

Simple Forms, Layouts, Html

Teach you how to make complex forms, layouts, and html in rails

Rails Workflows

Teaches you how to make workflows in rails, build websites, and apps.


Combine Sql and Rails together to build your databse to build a better app.


Javascript Scope, Jslint, Javascript objects by using closures, Javascript from objects to closures.


Javascript Decisions Structures. Learn how to write working functions. Learn how to verify and spec your functions.


Js arrays, loops, and iteration.


Create a resume, learn how to answer interview questions.


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